Steroids… The Ultimate Leverage in BJJ and MMA?

imageAm I the only one that is getting increasingly fed up with hearing story after story of grapplers and fighters popping hot for Perfor
mance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) and steroids?  Are our fellow martial artists THAT insecure with their ability to apply the principles our forefathers imparted upon us, that they will inject poison into their bodies in hopes that they will not piss hot on a whiz quiz!?!?!?   I mean at the very least you could smarten up and clean out your cycle as you KNOW you will get tested!!!

Though it should be no less surprising regardless of the academy these guys come from, it stings a bit more when instructors such as Brian Ortega who is a black belt at the Gracie Headquarters under Rorion and his sons Rener, Ryron, and Ralek, test positive.  I guess the Gracie monicker of “Keep it real,” in all reality has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.  “Keep it playful…” unless of course I might lose so therefore it is justified that I take whatever I can, and do whatever I can to WIN!!!!!!!

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imageThen there is the sad case of Robert Drysdale.  One of the fastest to climb the belt ladder to black, and seemingly one of the slowest learners in MMA as he just got popped for excessive testosterone levels… for the second time.  With this announcement the UFC quickly let everyone know that Drysdale is no longer in the UFC (was he ever in??).  Fines and suspensions from the NAC are forthcoming.

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I feel bad for these guys and all the others who lack so much confidence in the technique and ability that they have spent years refining.  What a waste.  Not sure what the pay off is since I have never partaken of PED’s or roids, but I sure hope it is well worth it.