Ichinojo Aki Basho Highlight

imageDo you know Ichinojo?  If not you should.  This kid is so new to Sumo that he can’t even tie a top knot, yet look at this AMAZING Aki Basho performance!  Mongolia is the new Sumo capital.  Growing up practicing Mongolian wrestling gives these fighters a distinct advantage over even the most experienced Japanese rikishii.

imageI am fairly confident our BJJ founding fathers are rolling in their graves with the propensity for modern tournament fighters to double guard pull.  BJJ Scout lends some time on his B-Sides channel to this conundrum:

imageTalk about timing… the Daily Show repeat wrapped up and I hit the guide on the TV remote to see highlighted on the bottom “Legacy FC MMA” which of course I switch on.  There it is, one minute into the first round of Rafael Lovato Jr.’s professional middleweight MMA debut!  Showcasing his trademark pressure passing, RLJ slipped through the guard and secured a head and arm choke raising his hips while driving his opponent Canaan Grigsby into Sandman territory, milking the tap with just a few seconds left in round one of Legacy 35 in Tulsa, OK.

SO nice and refreshing to see some solid BJJ and grappling in MMA.  I hope that RLJ will take away a lot from this win as he has some gaps to fill, but this is nothing short of awesome to see a solid pro debut from one of Carlos Machado’s early students and current Saulo Ribiero protege.  Congrats Rafael!

imageThere will be no class tomorrow, Saturday September 27th, 2014.  Join me at the Tim Cartmell seminar!

See you Tuesday!

A nicely put together shout out to the chica’s in the sport and art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, quite possibly THE best martial art for womens self defense.  Check out this nicely shot video… preferably on mute!

Hey guys, I need a training partner this weekend in Portland OR. for one of the best seminars you will ever participate in!!  imageMy friend and teacher Tim Cartmell will be visiting his students in Portland the weekend of September 26-28th.  All are welcome to the seminars which will be a combo of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and stand up self defense (bring both gi and no gi uniforms).

Friday September 26: 6-8pm
Saturday Sept. 27:      11-4 (one hour lunch)
Sunday Sept.28:          9am-11am

For further questions check out Ecole de Budo’s website. 

imageThe latest card on the Metamoris all grappling promotion has been announced.  The famed MMA match between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba will be once again visited as well as a powerful undercard with Zak Maxwell, Yuri Simoes, and Rafael Lovato Jr. just to name a few.

I have mixed feelings about this card.  Saku is one of my favorite of all times and while this is not MMA, I still find it hard to watch one of my heroes continue to fight because of money when in all reality he should have retired a few years back.  As for Renzo… I have lost all respect since his “nightclub incident” and his subsequent response.  Maxwell and Tonon promise to be a barn burner that will NOT end in a draw!  The remainder of the card has promise and call me a curmudgeon but I am not so keen on the secret match shit.  Just tell me who I am paying for!

imageThe NWJJA will be hosting Prof. Carlos Machado for his first visit to the Emerald City on November 1st 2014!  Carlos is a veteran of ADCC / Pan Am champ / one of only a handful of red-black belts / over 40 years of experience.

Come join us as one of the founding brothers of BJJ in North America will share his gi knowledge with students of all ranks and affiliations.

November 1st 201412-3pm
Tuition $90
942 N. 95th St.  Seattle, WA. 
Here is a clip of Carlos’ teaching style.  Join us at the 5 Brothers Camp the weekend before, then come back to Seattle and get an extra weekend of techniques!

image25 year veteran of the Southeast Asian and African martial arts Jeff Davidson is coming to Seattle for the first time October 4-5th 2014,  to offer a weekend of training aimed at improving your martial prowess and teaching some essential self defense.  This promises to be a great weekend of learning and fun with sticks and knives!  Open to all levels of experience and ranks, for more information on the seminar click here

Check out these video clips of Jeff teaching:

imageMy good friend “Big” Mike Gates trains under Marcos Santos in Ft. Worth, TX. and recently was lucky enough to attend a seminar by the great Prof. Francisco Mansur!  For those of you unaware, Prof. Mansur is a living legend being one of only six men awarded instructor rank from Helio Gracie outside of the Gracie family.  Now a 9th degree red-black, Prof. Mansur has settled in New York and continues to be an inspiration to grappling geeks like me!  I am SO jealous of Mike as I have wanted to train with Mansur for years.

Here is what Big Mike had to say:

image   “The seminar was a blast! Professor Mansur was the epitome of what a ninth degree black belt should be. At 75 years of age and doing BJJ for 60 years he can STILL roll with the best of them. Believe it or not, instead of all the flashy moves of submission’s what he taught and stressed upon were the BASICS. In most BJJ matches the basics are what will save you. Hip escapes, shoulder escapes, bridges, the frame and things we first learn but tend to cast aside for rear naked chokes and arm bars. Nothing wrong with those but the abc’s is where it’s at.   He was easy to talk to and would answer any question that anyone had and had great stories of the “old” BJJ days. He invited everyone to his school in Port Jefferson N.Y. as family and to come look him up if we were in town. We owe Marcos Santos a great deal of gratitude for bringing him to our school.”imageTONS of exciting events happening this fall and one that should not be missed is the RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp in Dallas, TX. October 24-26th 2014!  Join all five brothers Carlos / Jean Jacques / Rigan / Roger / John… that is over 200 years of BJJ experience on the mats at one time!!  Three red-black belts, and some of the warmest, kindest practitioners you will ever meet.  Open to all ranks and affiliations for more information please visit RCJ Machado. I had the distinct fortune of training with Prof. Salem Assli on Friday night in the art of Canne de Combat, French cane combat.  This was the first time he had ever taught the art in the Pacific NW and over 25 folks showed their support at MKG Seattle for the seminar.  My interest was piqued because of my Kali background and the fact that Canne de Combat is not that common over here.
The first thing that struck me was the emphasis on posture and structure.  As if studying at the Paris Opera School of Ballet, Salem stated we could not learn the more advanced moves without perfecting our posture and technique.  The fluidity and grace with which Salem moved was truly inspiring.  His posture was never compromised as he demonstrated both basic and advanced techniques from Canne de Combat.

Salem is a good instructor building us in steps and making the participants repeat the basic five strikes over and over before having us partner up and work both very regimented drills along with more free form type exercises.  This progression was very helpful in regards to remembering the movements that weren’t so complex as they were different then what most are used to when working weapons (at least from a FMA perspective).

Technique wise the angles of attack were very familiar (only so many ways to swing a stick effectively) but the method of execution certainly was not.  Breaking down the basics Salem was constantly reminding us of the difference between sport and self defense, demonstrating the variations with speed and intent!  I must admit there is much more depth to the art then I originally gave credit and the fluidity in which Prof. Assli moved certainly got my attention.  His understanding of range and distance was second to none.  Very, very impressive!

My one and only criticism (was also my partners) was the incessant noise at MKG.  Though an impressively large and well equipped gym, the background noise of another class on the adjacent mat, the hum of fans and fluorescent lights, coupled with the grunting and dropping of weights in the other room from the Crossfit class was truly deafening.  To the point where even Prof. Assli stopped and asked if weights were being dropped above us!  Often times I could not hear the instructions from the instructor.  Not an environment conducive to learning, I can only imagine when classes are in full swing with all mats going!!!

A big thank you to Professor Salem Assli who visits Seattle every year to offer Savate seminars.  Also thanks to Andy Wilson of MKG for hosting Salem.  And lastly to my awesome partner Lara for making it easy to learn and train in a seminar environment.

imageBobby Razak is supposedly making a documentary on the history and development of the ADCC grappling tournament.  Below is the quick highlight of the film that is set to drop on the 10th of next month.  I surely hope the finished product is presented better then this preview.

imageSpeaking of Sumo… next weekend marks the 14th anniversary of the US Sumo Open in Long Beach, CA. Make sure to hit the Walter Pyramid at UC Long Beach.  Check out US Sumo for more info.

imageIt’s September and that means only one thing… SUMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The Aki Basho starts off with a bang as two Ozeki go down.  Find out who…

A shout out to my friend and dedicated student of over 6 years Russ Segawa.  Here is to 50 more mi amigo!

Murilo Santan INSANELY happy he just won!

Time to sit back and study some BJJ at work.  BJJ Scout does not disappoint with a two part study of Murilo Santana’s pressure passing game.  Take some notes, study hard, and crush your partner the next time they have the audacity to close their guard on you!! image

imageOne of the biggest issues I have experienced in the past 24 years of martial arts is the convergence of traditional martial arts training and exercise science.  The advent of crossfit and other similar gyms has led many Joe Q Public to believe just because you have a certificate “earned” over a weekend seminar that you must be an expert.  Many martial artists and gyms fall into this trap as well.  After all in the martial arts you are taught that it is rude or disrespectful to ask your teachers qualifications.  This leads to problems when science trumps tradition in terms of what is safe and healthy for one to do to ones body!

Two articles recently posted on BJJEE (a great portal of info BTW) address this very issue in modern Mixed Martial Arts / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu happening today.  The first article talks about leg circles and their effect on the connective tissue in your knee:

Fitness expert Chris Shah believes:
“Doing this exercise standing is recreating the number one cited reason for ACL injury. Internal collapse of knee( valgus) you add that with no protecting torque and its promoting bad motor pattern. It’s your choice to do it. It’s hard for many in combat to suspend their beliefs because self value is tied to beliefs and certain exercises. Mastery promotes exploring where one is wrong or limited. I would en courage to suspend emotional investment in argument and research ACL/ knee injury literature. Again it’s your choice.”

To read the entire article plus video click here.

imageMartin Rooney (MS Health Science) the world class trainer of BJJ and MMA fighters around the world had some interesting opinions on circuit training:
“I get guys telling me all the time that they love circuits cause they get so crazy sore. Great, but what’s the result? You do these circuits enough and you’ll get better at them and won’t be as sore, but you’re still weak.
You’re now a weak fighter who’s good at circuits.  
For Regular Dudes: If you want to burn fat and improve your conditioning, use circuits sparingly. Think one, maybe two sessions a week, with the remaining time spent on basic heavy lifting.
“You have to think of longevity,” says Rooney. “Performing five days of circuits a week doesn’t make you tough, it just makes you injured. You can lift weights forever, but good luck hitting those circuits in 20 years.”

To read his entire interview click here. 

Interesting food for thought.  Be honest with yourself and your training partners.

imageI am very pleased to announce that Three Harmonies Martial Arts will be hosting Guru Jeff Davidson for his very first visit to the Pacific NW where he will be sharing his knowledge of Kali and West African Martial Arts with us on October 4-5th 2014.  All levels of experience are welcome to join us for this unique and fun training opportunity to learn to work weapons better and to defend yourself against said weapons.

Brotherhood of the Bladew/ Guru Jeff Davidson
imageOctober 4-5th 2014942 N. 95th St.Seattle, WA. 
Saturday October 4th:10am-1pm3-6pm
Sunday October 5th:9am-11:30
$105 – Entire Weekend       $65   – Single Session
*Please bring a pair of sticks, training knives (NO LIVE BLADES), eye protection, a notebook, and an open attitude and mind*

To Register or for questions please contact Jake Burroughs at [email protected] / 206-941-3232

Jeff Davidson brings over 25 years of practical martial skills to Seattle where he will be teaching his deep knowledge of the bladed arts along with sharing the pedagogy of Yoruba martial systems from West Africa.  We are fortunate to have someone so skilled stop by and share with us.  For more info click here. 

imageMore great action from the Judo World Championships held in asshat-Russia.  Great grappling!

imageOne of my personal heroes and all time classy MMA fighters Genki Sudo recently promoted a beautiful martial tournament called Ikkiuchi (One to One Fight).  I am all about anything that Sudo is involved in and I am certainly on-board when a badass kicks some serious ass in a kickass hakama!!!!


Big Mike on the far right.  Coach Santos top center.

My good friend and training partner Big Mike Gates recently participated in the Naturally Fit Games in Austin Tx. where he fought his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and WON!  A blue belt under RCJ Machado family member Marcos Santos, Big Mike fell in love with BJJ about two years ago.

Big Mike is called “Big” Mike because he is not so tiny.  His first opponent was 6’5″ and 300#’s!  His second opponent was a soldier from Ft. Hood who was much smaller at only 275 lb’s.  A five minute battle on the feet ended with Mike scoring a takedown, scrambling for side control time ran out and gold was procured with a two point takedown!

Congrats my friend on your first taste of victory.  I remember you coming to support me at the 2010 NAGA World Championships and I made the comment… “So glad you don’t do this BJJ stuff.  We would be in the same division!”

Cheers brother!

imageProfessor Carlos Machado has been all over the place as of late with a featured column in the latest Jiu Jitsu Style magazine where he speaks about tournament fighting and the importance of points in our training.  Check out page 51 for the entire article.  The really great news is the Barnes & Noble at Northgate in Seattle has started carrying Jiu Jitsu Style in lieu of Gracie magazine!  So please go support them and sell Jiu Jitsu Style out every month!!!
Carlos will also be one of the featured instructors at the RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp Oct. 24-26 2014 in Dallas Texas.  Join us where Carlos will share the mat with his four brothers (three of which are red-black belts!!) and be teaching some of the most technically sound Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will ever see.

And as if that was not enough Carlos Machado will then be visiting the Emerald City for the very first time where he will teach a BJJ seminar on November 1st 2014 at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy.  All ranks and affiliations are welcome to join us for Prof. Machado’s first visit to the Pacific NW!  More info coming…