New Weight Limits for IBJJF

JUST found this out straight from the source, IBJJF…. they have bumped up the weight limit’s in most classes (I say ‘most’ because I was not aware of some of the smaller size limits before, so I am assuming they changed them) for both gi and no gi.  Important info to keep in mind; you still have to weigh in with a gi and belt so factor that into your final weight.

NO GI Weight Class in Pounds):

Rooster: 122.5 lbs
Lt. Feather: 136    (114 for females)
Feather: 149          (125 ” “)
Light: 162.5           (136)
Middle: 175.5        (147)
Med Heavy: 188.5 (158)
Heavy: 202
Super Heavy: 215
Ultra: No Limit

GI Weight Classes in Pounds (with gi on):

Rooster: 127 lbsLt. Feather: 141.5    (118 for females)Feather: 154.5         (129 ” “)Light: 168           (141.5)Middle: 181.5        (152.5)Med Heavy: 195 (163.5)Heavy: 208Super Heavy: 222Ultra: No Limit
Train Hard.  Train Smart.Jake