July 18, 2012

New Weight Limits for IBJJF

JUST found this out straight from the source, IBJJF.... they have bumped up the weight limit's in most classes (I say 'most' because I was not aware of some of the smaller size limits before, so I am assuming they changed them) for both gi and no gi.  Important info to keep in mind; you still have to weigh in with a gi and belt so factor that into your final weight.

NO GI Weight Class in Pounds):

Rooster: 122.5 lbs
Lt. Feather: 136    (114 for females)
Feather: 149          (125 " ")
Light: 162.5           (136)
Middle: 175.5        (147)
Med Heavy: 188.5 (158)
Heavy: 202
Super Heavy: 215
Ultra: No Limit

GI Weight Classes in Pounds (with gi on):

Rooster: 127 lbs
Lt. Feather: 141.5    (118 for females)
Feather: 154.5         (129 " ")
Light: 168           (141.5)
Middle: 181.5        (152.5)
Med Heavy: 195 (163.5)
Heavy: 208
Super Heavy: 222
Ultra: No Limit

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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