Telles vs Ribeiro – Absolute Masters 2012

The skill, knowledge, and experience represented in this 6 minute battle most of us will never even come close to achieving!  I would have liked to have seen a bit more action, but this is an interesting match between Saulo Ribiero and Eduardo Telles:

imageOur local girl Marti Malloy will be bringing home 2012 London Bronze after nailing a kouchi gari ippon victory over Italy’s Giulia Quintavall in the -57 kilo division.  That makes her only the second woman to bring home a medal in the history of Olympic Judo (first being Rhonda Rousey).

This is huge and unfortunately most of America will sleep right through it.  Just wanted to send a heartfelt congrats to a local girl who busted her ass to be one of the best in the world!  Congrats Marti, much respect!

The technical definition of “sandbagging” as defined by the Urban Dictionary:

“When a player in any game chooses (on purpose) to not play their best. Normally this is because they are too superior, they want to hustle you, or they are too lazy to play their best with nothing on the line.”

According to Ehow the origin of the term came from the bullies and hooligans involved in street gangs around 1887,  though surely the “strategy” was used well before it was awarded nomenclature.

imageIn the 21st century the term sandbagging is most commonly made in reference to an individual or team in a given sport.  In ANY given sport.  Unfortunately it also rears it’s ugly head in grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu though organizations such as IBJJF, Grapplers Quest, and NAGA track their competitors and what levels they competed in at the previous tournament to ensure no one drops down a belt or level.  (*The Miyao brothers just found themselves slapped with a 4 month suspension from the IBJJF for being promoted to brown belt too quickly!  Though they were cleaning up at the purple belt division they were only a purple for around a year I think.)

Lets imagine for a moment I have grown up grappling, wrestled Greco Roman All American in 1997, 98, 99 placing 7th, 8th, and 8th respectively.  I go on to compete in the 2000 ADCC (yes, the Abu Dhabi Combat Club championships) placing 4th, losing only to Royler Gracie (no shame in that!)!   Right around that same time I get involved in MMA where I amass an 8-13 pro record beating the likes of Jeff Curran, Jeremy Bolt, and Tetsuo Katsuta in events such as Hook n Shoot, WEC, and IFC.

Now flash forward to July 2012, Bonney Lake, WA. Revolution Tournament (for those of you unaware… it is a local tournament of about 500 competitors).  Imagine now I enter the adult BLUE belt division for BJJ in my respective weight category.  Now perhaps I am not that learned in the art of BJJ and blue belt is an honest representation of my level in BJJ.  But don’t you think if I enter a local tournament fighting in BJJ, with 15+ years of wrestling experience which includes fighting at the most prestigious grappling competition, the ADCC, AND lets not forget I have fought professionally amassing an 8-13 record….. don’t you think for the fairness of my opponents, who most likely have on average 1-4 years of grappling experience at the blue belt level…. don’t you think that maybe… perhaps… I should compete at a level much higher and indicative of my overall understanding of grappling?

I end up wrestling a guy to the ground using a cross face and grapevines to make him miserable (these are classic wrestling techniques) and I eventually squeeze out a win.  Imagine what I must gain from the experience?  I go into a small, local tournament where I sign up in a division that is at most considered intermediate in the BJJ realm.  I utilize my wrestling skills and strengths to dominate my opponent who had considerably less experience not only grappling, but competing at the highest level as well.

I can honestly say I am not sure what I gain, but I do know what I offer the sport, the art, and my fellow competitors when I sandbag like this… I demoralize my opponent who most likely has no clue who he is fighting, nor my experience level.  When folks notice watching the tournament they wonder, why would an event allow someone to come in and compete with such a difference in experience level?  Fellow competitors do not get a true gauge of where they stand in their respective divisions and categories.  In the end sandbagging is purely a selfish stroke of the ego in my opinion.

Now I am not interested in starting a feud with any local cats so I will refrain from name dropping here, but me and my coach spotted this cat at the Revolution a few weeks ago.  He was in one of our blue belts divisions who did not have to fight him.  In the end this guy did not win anything and simply worked over his one opponent I saw him fight.  I walked up and consoled the fighter afterwards explaining who he just fought and that all things considered he held his own pretty well.

I guess we all deal with that demon the ego in different ways.  Who am I to judge?!  But ask yourself next time you consider sandbagging… will the spoils of victory taste sweeter with less challenge?  I have won and lost at both the biggest and the smallest of tournaments in my short career.  I can honestly say my most memorable moments have been when I have lost after stepping up to the situation!  I fought a brown belt in submission only with about 2 years max under my wing.  Got beat, but learned a ton and felt great afterwards because I challenged myself and did… ok.  Not super, but certainly not as bad as I could have considering the experience gap.

I wish you the best on your journey friend, I truly do.  I implore you to find another way of going about it if you could.  The truly sad thing is this guy is a coach to local fighters!!!  So not only has he decided to sully his reputation and honor, but he is now passing on the same BS attitude to another generation.  Sad.

Here is an interesting article on the very same subject!

Food for Thought,

I am not trying to spark an international event, and this is not meant personally to any soccer (football) player, I am simply stating fact…..

I turn on the tele this AM and I find a “sport” where men run around chasing a ball, where in fact Judo / Wrestling requires you HAVE BALLS to even step up and compete!

Just sayin’, this is WAY more exciting to watch:


This has nothing to do with Judo, but is a wicked awesome (exactly how coach Brian teaches it) heel hook from Bellator last week:

imageHere is what I could scrape together as for a television schedule for grappling based events at the 2012 Olympics.  As you peruse the list you will most assuredly will start to frown as the coverage for wrestling is decent, certainly not great.  Where women’s Judo is barely on the radar, men’s Judo is all together absent.  I am trying to find out if we can view the Judo matches elsewhere.  If anyone has a tip please email me ([email protected]) or post in the comments section below.

Judo throws down starting Saturday with the men’s -60kg division and womens -48kg.  Progressively climbing the weight categories day by day until Friday the 3rd of August.  The main website is London 2012 where you can find all sorts of stats and info.  The lack of coverage is especially discerning since we have two Judo athletes from the Seattle – Tacoma area: Travis Stevens was born in Tacoma, WA. and Marti Malloy is from Oak Harbor, WA.  Kicks ass guys, the Pac NW is behind you!

Frustrating that wrestling, one of the founding cornerstones of the Olympics, has such piss poor coverage.  How do we ever expect to get BJJ or any kind of submission wrestling into the Olympics with such poor support and coverage!?  No one reads anymore so television is sadly the main source of information, so come on NBC give us some ippon’s!

So frustrating that NO men’s Judo will be televised!  So in the meantime check out this video from our friend Georgette and tell me this is not more exciting then diving (plus it has a sick track from one of favorite hip hop groups Snowgoons!):

Here is the edited grappling list.  Full schedule of all televised events can be found by clicking here!


Thursday August 2nd:
4:30pm     Women’s Judo 78kg Final – Taped – MSNBC

Sunday August 5th:
2:15pm Greco Roman Qualifying – Taped – MSNBC
4:20pm (coincidence????) Greco Roman gold medal final – Taped – MSNBC

Monday August 6th:
11:15am Greco Roman qualifying – Taped -MSNBC
2:30pm Greco Roman gold medal – LIVE – MSNBC

Tuesday August 7th:
4:45pm Greco Roman gold medal – Taped – MSNBC

Wednesday August 8th:
4pm    Women’s Freestyle Medal Finals – Taped – MSNBC

Thursday August 9th:
10:45am  Women’s Wrestling – Taped – NBC Sports Network
2pm        Women’s Wrestling Repechages – Taped – NBC Sports Network
5pm        Women’s Gold Medal Finals – Taped – NBC Sports Network

Friday August 10th
11am     Men’s Freestyle qualifying – Taped – NBC Sports Network
1:30pm  Men’s Freestyle Repechages – Taped – MSNBC
2:45pm  Men’s Freestyle finals – Taped – NBC

Saturday August 11th:
2:15pm    Freestyle – Taped – NBC
12:30am  Freestyle Gold medal – Taped – NBC

Sunday August 12th:
7am     Freestyle Qualifying – Taped – MSNBC
2:45pm Freestyle Finals – Taped – NBC

imageAttn: Three Harmonies Students
I apologize for any inconvenience but we will not have class on Thursday July 26th, 2012.  Schedule is otherwise not affected.

Thank you,

imageI am honored to be presenting an article on clinch fighting from the Chinese martial arts perspective in the latest issue of Journal of Asian Martial Arts along with some of the most revered names in martial arts such as; Kevin Secours / Steve Koepfer / Leon Jay / Llyr Jones / Yun Zhang and Dave Lowry.  Sadly this will be the final issue of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.  Unfortunately it has become too expensive to continue on with such little support from the general public.
I feel especially honored to be featured alongside my teacher Yang Shu Ton (Tony Yang) offering a piece on Baji, my kung fu uncle Ilya Profatilov (Praying Mantis), and my friend Joy Chaudhuri whom has been training Wing Chun under Augustine Fong in Arizona since before I was alive!!!!!

This 200 page special edition is due to hit the printer this week so look for it to be available in the coming weeks online at Go Via Media.  This article will feature exclusive photographs from DKB Images

This is a sad day, but one we should get used to as print media is slowly breathing it’s last kiai.  I have noticed a trend in modern martial arts publications of poor writing skills and a general inability to convey even the simplest of concepts and theories.

I want to thank Michael DeMarco and the JAMA for years of excellent writing and sharing of all things martial.  Quality was the upmost standard by which the journal ran, and like a true warrior Michael was not going to sacrifice quality in an effort to keep it going.  Farewell my friend and thank you.


imageTo say I was skeptical when Jean over at Neo Cell about checking out their Collagen Sport Whey Isolate Complex would be an understatement.  In general I have found most supplements to be nothing more then crap filler that tasted like a cats litter pan, and left me feeling bloated and no more satiated then eating some fruit and having a egg white shake.  A quick read of Collagen’s ingredient label is what piqued my interest as it did NOT contain: gluten / wheat / sugar / lactose / fillers / synthetic sweeteners!  Okay… now I am interested, and so Jean sent me a 675gram sample of Collagen French Vanilla (your other option is Belgium chocolate).

Technical Talk:
Essentially what Collagen Sport brings to the table in a 4 in 1 product offering a Refueling aspect which is the whey protein isolate which is where the BCAA’s are drawn from (branched chain amino acids).  The next level is focused on recovery with their Super Collagen 1&3 formula aids in the healing and strengthening of your ligaments and tendons.  L-Glutamine and Exogenous Amino Acids are found in the regenerative stage aiding in the healing and rebuilding of muscle tissue.  To replenish is the fourth and final piece to the 4 in 1 formula, and Neo Cell incorporated a daily dose of vitamins and minerals coupled with Pomegranate extract aiding in fighting free radicals in the body.

imageLab Results:
I used Collagen for about a month.  I tried it both as a pre-workout shake as well as a post workout recovery drink.  Personally I found the results more beneficial consuming a shake post workout then pre.  Personally I am not a huge fan of whey as it will often leave me feeling gassy and bloated.  Post workout though I did not experience any of these symptoms with Collagen Sport.

I like the 4 in 1 formula Neo Cell has developed offering a little of everything a martial artist needs.  Instead of having four different shakers with 4 different supplements you can find most of everything you need in one.  30 grams of protein per serving, coupled with 4.5 grams of BCAA’s, and only 123 calories.  No gluten is a plus for those allergic or abstaining.

Taste… that is always the kicker isn’t it!?  Greens, supplements, shakes…. the big question on every ones mind is how does it taste; and my answer is always the same: it is what you make it.  If you are simply going to throw a scoop into water and shake it up, you are going to get a bit of a chalky consistency with a decent Vanilla taste.  I personally suggest using almond milk with a small scoop of peanut butter, perhaps some coffee (in the AM for flavor). Blend her up, and overall the French Vanilla flavor is one of the best I have tried.

Sliding in at just under $50 for a month’s stash places Collagen Sport in the mid range price wise, and can be ordered by clicking here to be redirected to their checkout page.  The customer service I have received from Jean has been nothing short of great, so make sure you tell them Jake from The Ground Never Misses sent you!  You can also find Collagen Sport on iherb, and Amazon as well.  A great product that has one of the best flavors on the market.  Try it out today!

Standing 25 years strong behind the motto “Nutrients that you can trust” NeoCell boast’s an impressive lineup of sponsored athletes such as Frankie Edgar, Ricardo Almeida, Russ Jones (triathlete), Igor Gracie, and Rick Hawn.  That is the other thing I love about Neo Cell, the support they offer their athletes such as Judoka Kayla Harrison.

You can read USA Today’s article “Kayla Harrison seeks Olympic gold In London by clicking here.  Kayla will be tweeting from the Olympics and using Collagen Sport to aid in her training and competition!  Check out her story as it is pretty incredible!

The Ground Never Misses is rooting for you Kayla!  Kick ass in London!



According to the 12 of you who chimed in on our poll last week, there is a 50-50 split when asked “When learning from film (DVD/Youtube) do you study:


  6 (50%)

Competition Footage

  0 (0%)


  6 (50%)


  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 12
I find this interesting though not surprising.  We are creative creatures and with such active imaginations it should come as no surprise that we like to be constantly stimulated with new ideas / ways of doing our respective “hobby.”  In the 21st century we have mass media at our fingertips, literally, and we use it (arguably) too much and in many a wasted manner.
Don’t get me wrong, I have amassed a DVD collection over the past 20 years that is impressively large, yet embarrassingly untouched for the most part.  In the beginning everything you see is so new and impressive, every new position is like Ponce De Leon’s discovery of the Fountain of Youth, submissions “created” on the mat are quickly named with crazy personalized monikers in an effort to claim our 15 minutes of fame with the much hyped, rarely seen “Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker!”  These dreams of grandeur are rudely awoken when we hit purple belt and you start realizing what is new is old and old is new.  The way of nature I suppose.
Watching my past competition footage is some of the best instructional material out there as it showcases without bias my flaws, strengths, and weaknesses.  With the adrenaline dump and intensity of any given single match one is happy if they can recall 60% of what occurred, and quite often the accuracy of that 60% we recall is actually much lower.  When I competed in the American Cup last year I had no one with me to record the match (should have asked someone, but did not think of it).  Immediately after the match (I lost on points), I went outside to catch my breath and focus on what just happened.  The last thing I remembered was attacking him in my guard, then all the sudden he was in side control.  It wasn’t for almost 10 hours later that night that I remembered I had attacked with a triangle and he squirmed out of it and passed.  I totally forgot a huge chunk of the fight!
Point being… wish I had video of it because I am sure I could learn a lot of what I do not remember!
Here are a couple of clips, one instructional from Carlos Henrique (6th dan), the other a culmination of clips from Bishop BJJ regarding the interesting game of Kron Gracie who often is fighting the best in the world down on points, but constantly attacking using the fundamentals of BJJ.  One can learn a lot from both of these clips:
JUST found this out straight from the source, IBJJF…. they have bumped up the weight limit’s in most classes (I say ‘most’ because I was not aware of some of the smaller size limits before, so I am assuming they changed them) for both gi and no gi.  Important info to keep in mind; you still have to weigh in with a gi and belt so factor that into your final weight.

NO GI Weight Class in Pounds):

Rooster: 122.5 lbs
Lt. Feather: 136    (114 for females)
Feather: 149          (125 ” “)
Light: 162.5           (136)
Middle: 175.5        (147)
Med Heavy: 188.5 (158)
Heavy: 202
Super Heavy: 215
Ultra: No Limit

GI Weight Classes in Pounds (with gi on):

Rooster: 127 lbsLt. Feather: 141.5    (118 for females)Feather: 154.5         (129 ” “)Light: 168           (141.5)Middle: 181.5        (152.5)Med Heavy: 195 (163.5)Heavy: 208Super Heavy: 222Ultra: No Limit
Train Hard.  Train Smart.Jake imageTenacious.  Focused.  Unstoppable.  Determined.  All these words have been used to describe one of the most feared animals on earth; Mellivora capensis or more commonly referred to as the African Honey Badger.  A member of the marten family the Honey Badger seems the perfect mascot in which to invoke the spirit of combat in the form of a kimono, thick impenetrable skin (seriously, they say a machete cannot hack through it!!!); a winner take all attitude (yes, they literally eat cobra’s for breakfast!); and a wicked mount game to boot!  Tatami Fight Wear has done just that with their Honey Badger Limited Release which can be purchased from MMA Outlet as well.




imageTeaming up with Seymour Yang (the evil genius behind Meerkatsu blog) as the graphic designer, Tatami has released their first limited edition gi and I must say it is not only stylish but quite functional.  Seymour has some of the most creative designs in all of the BJJ merch kingdom, breathing a much needed sigh of sensibility and fun into an industry dominated by snarling pit bull’s, and skulls being strangely penetrated with swords!  Clean with its lines the Honey Badger embroidered patches on the back, right leg cuff, and sleeves pop with contrast as the purple, burnt orange, and red highlights bounce off the black gi.

The embroidery is top notch on the Tatami Honey Badger with tight stitching that has not popped loose one single thread in the 4 weeks I have been wearing it.  Double and triple stitched seams ensure this competition weight gi will hold up to the rigors and abuse of daily training.  Stitch tape lines the inside cuff’s, and though I am usually not a fan of this (gets itchy and irritating on most gi’s) Tatami has a very thin line of it that has no rough edges and wears quite comfortably.    All stress points are reinforced extremely well and so far after numerous rolls in the Honey Badger it has exhibited absolutely zero signs of wear and tear.

image  I wear an A-4 and it weighed in just over 4 pounds for me which I consider lightweight, yet the overall feel and demeanor (if a kimono can have such a thing) is that of a heavier weighted gi as the Honey Badger reports in with a 475 GSM Hybrid Weave jacket accompanied by 8oz cotton twill pants.  Tatami mentions the Honey Badger is 100% IBJJF certified, but this is my one major critique of the gi… the cut of the jacket.
I must admit I am a tall, lanky A-4 whom usually has some room to swim in the typical cuts of kimono jackets.  I will attest to the fact that the Honey Badger does NOT shrink much at all!  I live in Seattle, Washington where grapplers should be very mindful of mold and mildew, so I typically dry my gi’s 60-75% in the dryer.  Even after numerous washes the Honey Badger did not shrink more then a 1/2 inch! This is not a bad thing by any means, but keep this in mind if you are banking on a certain size “shrinking to fit” as with many other companies out there.
The sleeve cuffs are much too wide and are not IBJJF legal on this model.  I found a bit too much swim in the jacket as well especially under the arms.  Overall the 100% cotton kimono jacket breathes very well with a thick enough collar to provide a sturdy grip without the overheating / claustrophobic feel some lapel’s offer.  Two pulls will get the skirt free to use fro choke and the cut slides pretty smoothly out from under the belt.

imageThe pants are hands down some of the most comfortable, best fitting pants I have run across in the past 6 years of buying BJJ kimono’s!  Extremely light (8oz) cotton twill ensures these pants ride and breathe easily on the mat, and they certainly deliver.  A perfect cut for a tall, long legged A-4 where the pants do not bunch or climb even when extremely sweaty, and Tatami has (smartly) used cord as a drawstring which I love.  Again next to zero shrinkage with the pants as well even when dried most of the way.
Tatami is a relatively new British company whose motto is “it’s a way of life” and I certainly think they are conveying that attitude in their BJJ kimono’s.  The limited edition Honey Badger comes in at just under $170 where Americans can purchase from MMA Outlet (or click the banner to your <——- left).
Overall I think the Tatami Honey Badger is a decent buy with a stylish design, a pair of the best pants on the market, and though the jacket is a bit big it is a durable kimono that will last well past it’s modest asking price.

Jake B.

(No Honey Badgers were choked nor heel hooked during this review!)

ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF DKB IMAGESI swear to god this looks like Shortround fighting me back in the day!   (Except I would not have cried LOL!!!!)
All I gots to say is… Don’t Mess With Kelly from Hawaii!!!!!!!

I wish we were related, yet my brother from another mother Jordan Burroughs is most likely not of this planet, at least work ethic wise!  Jordan cut through the competition that started in April with 222 potential Olympians, and that has been cut down to the decided 16 wrestlers going to England next month.

Sadly wrestling is one of the most poorly funded sports in the Olympics, and all of combat sports.  Check out Lex Fridman’s blog post from the other day where he compared salaries of the major players in combat sports (who the hell knew you could make a million dollars in sponsorship in Judo!?!?!?!?)

  • Boxing: Floyd Mayweather at $85,000,000
  • MMA: Rashad Evans at $710,000
  • Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling: $0 (unless they medal, then some countries give bonuses. Russia is highest with $100,000 bonus for gold)
  • Judo: Teddy Riner was paid $100K without sponsors and then sponsors bring that up to a about $1,000,000.
  • Jiu Jitsu: ADCC pays $40,000 to the superfight winner. World Pro pays $30,000 to the winner of the absolute and $8,000 to the winner of the division. Ultimate Absolute pays $10,000 to first place. So someone like Andre Galvao who won almost all of these prizes, could earn $88,000 a year.

Click here to read the entire post.  imageI mean… wrestling is one of the oldest sports in all of humanity let alone the Olympics.  One of the founding events was wrestling.  How is it we devalue grappling so much in our culture?  I am hoping that the mass popularity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has enjoyed will bolster all grappling styles and rekindle an emphasis on grappling in our culture.  Personally I believe our young Americans can use a little toughening up.  We have become a weak society poisoning ourselves with toxic fuel, and relying on pity to excuse ourselves from hard work and ownership of our mental, emotional, and physical well being.  Grappling in all of it’s expressions hones and strengthens all of these aspects.  The mat forces us to face our fears, our weaknesses, constantly pressure testing our mental meddle and willingness to face reality.

Thanks to The Mat  for the following list of 2012 USA Team Members:

55 kg/121 lbs. – Spenser Mango, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army)
60 kg/132 lbs. – Ellis Coleman, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC)
66 kg/145.5 lbs. – Justin Lester, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army)
74 kg/163 lbs. – Ben Provisor, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)
84 kg/185 lbs. – Chas Betts, Coloardo Springs, Colo. (Minnesota Storm)
120 kg/264.5 lbs. – Dremiel Byers, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army)

Men’s freestyle
55 kg/121 lbs. – Sam Hazewinkel, Norman, Okla. (Sunkist Kids)
66 kg/145.5 lbs. – Jared Frayer, Norman, Okla. (Gator WC)
74 kg/163 lbs. – Jordan Burroughs, Lincoln, Neb. (Sunkist Kids)
84 kg/185 lbs. – Jake Herbert, Ann Arbor, Mich. (New York AC)
96 kg/211.5 lbs. – Jake Varner, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC)
120 kg/264.5 lbs. – Tervel Dlagnev, Columbus, Ohio (Sunkist Kids)

Women’s freestyle
48 kg/105.5 lbs. – Clarissa Chun, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)
55 kg/121 lbs. – Kelsey Campbell, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)
63 kg/138.75 lbs. – Elena Pirozhkova, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Gator WC)
72 kg/158.5 lbs. – Stephany Lee, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)

Potential Olympians in weight classes not yet qualified for Olympics

96 kg/211.5 lbs. – Greco-Roman
2011 World Team member – Justin Ruiz, Orem, Utah (New York AC)
2012 Olympic Trials champion – RC Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)

60 kg/132 lbs. – Men’s freestyle
2011 World Team member – Reece Humphrey, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC)
2011 World Team runner-up – Shawn Bunch, Columbus, Ohio (Gator WC)
2012 Olympic Trials champion – Coleman Scott, Stillwater, Okla. (Gator WC)

And if this video of Jordan training does not get your blood pumping then I suggest you call a cardiologist!

A classic setup Brian often teaches:

Thanks to the mad photography skills of Dana at DKB Images for this review of the Revolution BJJ Tournament July 7, 2012 via the fighters of NWJJA: Connor Faust / Mike Adams / Kamau / Randy Bacon & HR!  Much thanks to coach Brian for everything he does on and off the mat!    Also thanks to Scotty for helping coach as well!

On a personal note I also want to thank 1914 BJJ for their support and encouragement!


Few know that one of John Machado‘s specialties is attacking the turtle position.  At the 2008 Machado Gathering in SC he spent the whole series of seminars covering the topic is great detail!  John is also prolific with posting on Youtube, and he just put up his latest lesson on a simple clock choke to attack the turtle position!

Study and apply!

Here is a great video my coach Meynard Ancheta shared with me, and I can honestly say this is a great way of approaching sparring whether it is grappling based or striking based.  Sound advice for students of all levels!  Many “dojo masters” need to pay attention.

And speaking of video please share your opinion regarding video review and training on our poll to the right—–>


Ran across this posting over at Ross Boxing and wanted to share it as we have been covering check hooks the past week or so, as well as doing some counter striking off of the bob and weave last night in class.  Check out the most legendary check hook in modern times at the 1:43 mark where Hatton walks right into Mayweather’s hook!  BRUTAL!

For those interested in getting in shape all the while learning self defense skills, Three Harmonies Martial Arts offers group and private lessons in kickboxing, combatives, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali (by the way knife attacks have gone through the roof in the PAC NW in the past year!  Come learn to defend yourself against weapon wielding nut jobs who do not get enough vitamin D)!

imageI have pics, and video (speaking of competition video, make sure you vote in our poll to your right —->) to post later but here is a quick list of how NWJJA faired at the latest Revolution BJJ tournament.  We all just fought gi:

Randy Bacon – Bronze (lightweight): Randy had some squirrely opponents who were very quick.  In his second match a momentary lapse in focus got him caught in a triple threat position.

Kamau – Bronze (Super heavy): Kamau fought extremely well the first match I saw winning on submission!  I heard he also got an armbar later.  Kamau’s division was stacked with heavy hitters so he had his work cut out for him but did great!

Mike Adams competed and did very well though I am not sure if he placed 3rd or not.  Great defense as well as attacks, Mike’s game has really come far.  This was a solid test at blue belt after some injuries and I think he proved to himself that he can hang!

Guaminian Ron –  Unfortunately I did not see any of Ron’s matches as they went on too late, but I heard he had two solid fights.  For your first tourney all you can ask for is the balls to step up and you accomplished that brother!

Hands down the “most improved grappler” award goes to Connor “The Kool Aid Kid” Faust!  Though he did not medal Connor showed a HUGE improvement since his last tourney, and proved to himself and others that he is truly ready to hang with the blue belts!  Got a few things we need to cinch up but overall I thought Connor did very, very well yesterday!

Last but not least yours truly nailed bronze in the purple heavyweight.  Despite being KO’ed in the middle of the match (I was out of it after an accidental smack to the back of the head) I pulled out a 7-0 win fighting for 3rd place.  Had two tough opponents!  Was not my best showing but I learned a lot from yesterday.

imageQuick shout out to my sponsor 1914 Kimono’s.  Appreciate the support and encouragement!  If you are serious about BJJ and want the best gi on the market hit up the guys at 1914… you will not be disappointed!

More to come later… go enjoy the sunshine if you are local, and if you are reading this from anywhere else then Seattle and Alaska… try to stay cool and drink plenty of water.  Our thoughts are with the farmers and people hurting throughout the heartland.



Join world renown grappling coach Rigan Machado and guests such as BJ Penn, Fabiano Iha, “Gordo” (creator of the 1/2 guard as we know it), Kenny Johnson and more in Florianopolis Brazil!  This is a great opportunity to train in Brazil at Rigan’s inaugural camp!

I would like to offer one bit of constructive criticism to the host and organizers of such camps as these…. they are great opportunities for sure.  But we all must realize the state the economy is in currently here in the USA, and camps that cost thousands of dollars (not including a very expensive plane ticket) are well worth it I am sure, but lets give some of the less well-to-do practitioners more then 3 months heads up to save money.  Otherwise these become nothing more then meet and greets for wealthy grapplers.


imageWant to send out my thanks to all who have been training hard the past few weeks getting us ready to fight at the Revolution.  Not as large of a team as last fight, but we got a few none the less.  Best of luck to all!  For those of you not fighting, make sure to come down to Bonney Lake and support the team.  We appreciate it.


imageCheck out issue #9 of Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for a review of Brian Johnson’s “B-12 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curriculum.”  The editor did a great review, and quite frankly this is hands down the best rag on the market for grappling and BJJ.  NO MMA at all, pure grappling coverage and unfortunately it is not getting its due deserves over here in jolly ol’ America.

You can order back issues directly from their site,  or get savvy and download the app for i-phone or i-pad and it will save you uber $$!  Either way please support Jiu Jitsu Style magazine, your instructor Brian, and the community overall.
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