Titin Tech weighted Compression Gear

imageThe idea and implementation of weight vest training is nothing new to the world of martial arts training.  Much of what we already do is excellent exercise, add some weight to it and you are working even hard to maintain posture and move smoothly.  For the most part weighted gear has been too cumbersome and awkward to actually do any uncooperative partner work with… until now!

Titin Tech Industries has introduced a 14 pocket compression shirt that allows the user to add up to eight pounds of hydro-gel inserts.  These packs can be cooled and allow for practitioners to move freely regardless of the intensity of their routine.  And if you think adding 8 pounds to your center is no big deal, how could it possibly help me get stronger Jake!?!?  Imagine carrying an 8 pound bowling ball around all day!

So for a limited time only when you check out make sure you use the coupon code “Jake” to get free shipping and the crew from Titin will get a weighted compression shirt straight out to you!

Click here to be redirected to Titin Tech’s webpage!   And don’t forget to use the code “Jake” at checkout for free shipping!