New York Shuai Jiao

1930 Tianjin China WrestlersL-R: Zhang Lianchen, Zhang Hongyu, Wang Wenhai, Pu Enfu, Ma Wenping, Wang Haizheng

Here is an excellent mini documentary on New York’s Shuai Jiao Club and senior members Franc Gomez and Mat Gelfand, students of Jeng Hsing Ping.  Shuai Chiao/Jiao is the native grappling style of China and a wonderful martial art that has never reached it’s potential here in North America.  The competitions Mat speaks of in Europe are significant because France has a HUGE Shuai community that is VERY good.  As impressive as his China victories.

I loved the stuff Hu Laoshi taught me over the years.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet his teacher Pu En Fu (Pu Liu).  Wonderful history there.

Here is video from nearly 50 years ago of Jeng Hsing Ping demonstrating various throws from Shuai Jiao:

A few years later, on a concrete floor this time (been on the receiving end of those ones… ouch!):